Mother Nature is to be nurtured

Mother Nature is to be nurtured

Nature provided her assistance as God commanded.

It was a long road for those who had to work hard.

They stained our expectations. It’s easier to judge.

His creation would eventually lead to its fall

A mind so small

Heaven never imagined they would grow thicker than the peas in a pod

They were blinded by the darkening brains and deep vermins that made them conceit-ridden.

God made them holy, bounteous and wise.

Nay, the temptation is in pursuit of fame and lust.

The truth, justice, and reputation that have been lost

You forgot to be gentle and kind.

A grateful, unenvious mind

Attained the highest happiness and neglected to recognize the humane side of things

Mother Nature has provided her blessings, from fire to tools

We gave wise advice on how to mix with beautiful flora to achieve success

They could be slapped out of existence by worms, mosquitoes, and venomous flies.

Wild animals that were intended for coexistence

Bosom full of fear

They looked at each other and wondered if they had a soul.

Thought will be there when death takes its toll

The first sinless act killed the prey

Her Mum, a fierce lioness, was searching for her cub who had gone astray

The arrow from the bank pierced its breasts

Others were more cautious, expressing dread.

A snake was repelled by one man’s foot

All started shaking when they spit venom.

Standing near the water’s edge

Observed something moving downstream

Under the moonbeam, alive and shining

It was a sweet, simple living thing

From the sandy shore to the shallow water

It was the first slaughter.

Another thing was oysters, crabs and turtles to taste.

It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks;

The Thousandth Man will either sink or swim

Acclaiming, proclaiming, declaiming Him

Hunting wild pigs and deer, cattle, goats or sheep

Science became more advanced, and men began to see the cosmos every night.

yonder hell-fire

They unite and orbit the planets

To decide in the blinking stardust light of the pale blue

They would fight for their authority.

Advanced weaponry

Protect their territory

Shine, or it will rain

The air was filled with weapons clouds

Despair afflicted innocents

Heroes bled when heroes and weapons clashed

That flowing red was something that nobody remembered is what everyone remembers.

The construction of big towns was a way to clear the forests and meadows that wildlife used.

All animals ran away

Birds flew away

God wants to punish people as much as they don’t understand

Necessity, pleasure or lust do not know where Necessity ends

God grants to his creations what every soul hears from him

The only good and pleasing thing about the news is the pain.

He finds that his project “Earth” is dead.

The sickening human mind causes food chain disruption

The wretch who can, but Mischief plans.

Meadows Mines: Takedown rotten homes

Spreads smoke and dust from the stubs of cut down trees.

Polluted air can cause stress and even choke your lungs.

It’s cold and cunning.

Sans wisdom, it isn’t very helpful.

Stars and combine are a way to punish the wheel of time.

A foolish heart that wants more

A redesign is required.

The crammed Earth was condemned to a terrible sin.

Und cursed were a few wombs that gave birth to such strange babies?

Tobacco! The very name of tobacco is deadly!

Cancer is now a fatal disease.

While it’s piping hot, sneeze and cough

Innocents will accept what they have.

Are you the boss of all the Earth’s diseases?

Although the world may be stifled, it won’t disappear because China is there.

The disease has reduced the overcrowded Earth

Despite this, advanced science and vaccines refuse to allow for a decrease in ineffectiveness.

Because most births have the upper story empty

This is a deadly killer

Who is the winner?

If we don’t make the necessary changes, God-endowed wisdom will be used.

It will take us to the dark abyss and the bottomless pit.

Take out all trash

You must ensure that the air is clean and clear

Take care of Mother Nature, and she will heal you.

All sins will be forgiven.

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