Finding the Right Tech Balance on Vacation

Finding the Right Tech Balance on Vacation

It seems that from preschoolers to the baby boomers are all glued to their phones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets.

These tools are essential for school and business and for keeping track of calendars.

When we’re ready to take a vacation and enjoy some quality time with our family, it is important to set up guidelines to help us put away the electronic devices and focus on the conversation, memories, and fun activities that are happening at the moment.

Technology in numbers

A recent Alamo Rent-A-Car survey revealed:

  • More than 90% of parents let their children use electronic devices while on vacation
  • 53% of those only use them to entertain themselves on long flights or drives
  • The use of electronic devices by children while on vacation is more popular among dads than mothers (98% vs. 93%).
  • 6% of parents don’t allow their children to use electronic devices at all on vacation.

What’s the best number to use? How can we find a happy medium between the natural desire to use technology and spending time with our families?

Reduce your family’s technology time while on vacation with these seven tips:

1. Set boundaries

Limit the time you spend on technology without completely banning it.

Some parents only allow the use of technology in cars and planes. Some parents set up specific tech times during the day, such as while children are napping or at night when they return to the hotel or beach home.

2. Lead by example

When you are checking your email or making work calls, it’s difficult to tell your child, “no electronic devices!”

Make sure you also know your family boundaries.

3. Enjoy technology as part of your fun

Use technology to your advantage by letting children plan out their activities and travel routes in advance using apps for theme parks (which display wait times, etc.). Google Maps or theme park apps (which show line waits, etc.) are great for mapping out your activities and travel routes ahead of time.

Postino allows you to send postcards without stamps. Please encourage your children to create a playlist for the road to keep them entertained.


4. Play some “old-school” games

You can engage your children with board games, cards, or even charades. They may even become family favorites!

5. Use your phone to do the things that you cannot do

Try a go-cart, swim, play pick-up basketball, horseback riding, hike, or zip-lining if you are brave enough.

6. Snap-happy children are welcome

Your kids can be given the task of documenting your vacation through photographs.

Use their phones to capture important moments and upload them to a website like Snapfish for a beautiful memory book.

7. Do not set anything in stone.

Things happen in parenting, life, and, especially, on vacations.

We can lose spontaneity when we are rigid and set rules. Do not be so tough in your rules that you miss the unexpected fun.

Final Thoughts

Technology can be an excellent tool for connecting us to our loved ones, but it can also prevent us from enjoying time away from them. You can have a magical time with your children by having the right attitude, planning, and boundaries.

You may experience pushback as your children adjust to the new rules if you have relied heavily on tech to help you get through family holidays.

In just one hour, I will teach you the best way to get your children to listen. No nagging, no yelling, or no reminding is required. These tools will help you have a great family vacation.

We wish you a happy travel, my friend. If you need us at any time, we will be there for you.

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