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Avery’s ‘Stand Out Amongst the Crowd’ Competition 

Avery Shipping labels

Avery Office Products is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive printable labels and labelling software.

Their label solutions cover areas such as mailing, shipping, branding and merchandising, filing, organisation and identification.

They also provide a wide range of home and office solutions such as files and fasteners, presentation and dividers.
Renowned for quality and reliability, Avery continues to focus on bringing new and innovative products to the market.

Internet Shipping Labels are designed to specifically cater to the needs of individuals who are active in selling goods online and small and micro business owners. Utilising TrueBlock® Technology the labels are opaque, blocking out anything underneath.AD13486 Internet Shipping Envelope_HR

Whether its text, logos or even torn courier labels, the Avery range of Internet Shipping Labels will completely cover everything underneath making your parcels as good as new. This means that you can re-use packaging materials and still maintain a professional image, as well as meeting clear labelling needs for postal delivery services, helping any small business owner stand out amongst the crowd.

Avery has THREE PRIZE PACKS to giveaway!

  • FIRST PRIZE: ONE $400 Myer Gift
  • SECOND PRIZE: ONE $200 Myer Gift Card
  • THIRD PRIZE: ONE $100 Myer Gift Card

Each Winner will also receive ONE Avery Internet Shipping Label Prize Pack to go along with their Gift Cards!

To enter simply:

Answer this question in the comments below -

“When sending out parcels what do you do to make your business stand out amongst the crowd?”
The 3 best answers chosen by the Avery Team will win!


Competition opens on Monday 25 November and  closes on Monday 9 December.  The winners will be selected by Avery Office Products, based on most creative answer, the judges decision is final & no correspondence will be entered into.  The winners will be notified by email.


  1. A nice & clean packaging, timely delivery, a thank you note and a small note notifying then of the new products arriving in the store !

  2. I use branded, clean, and professional packaging, and deliver via overnight courier. All orders include a thank you note and a deluxe sample of a new product!

  3. When sending parcels, Bluebird Candles aim to provide a personalized experience to reflect our handcrafted products. Avery Kraft Brown Labels are hand stamped and applied to candles as labels, before they are individually wrapped. Orders are then packed with a handwritten note in boxes featuring the same hand stamped Avery Kraft Brown Round Label, which gives the appearance of a post mark.

  4. I send a customers order with in 24hours, items are placed in black organza bags which a gives a nice and beautiful touch along with a thank you tag attached and now that christmas is approaching a candy cane too. :)

  5. We like to make an impact by creating a first great impression! Beautiful packaging and professional bound documents and of course who doesn’t love chocolate? We include two red love heart chocolates with every package, along with a with compliments note.

  6. Clean professional labelling. Neat and clean packaging. Allow customer to track their parcels accurately.

  7. Claire Chascarrillo says:

    A personalized note, the product nicely wrapped to look nice as well as protect it during delivery. And something small and complimentary Besides those I find keeping in contact with customers and let them know about the progress of their product whether it’s being delivery or needs more On my way! or is posted already. Along with postage details for insurance purposes.

  8. Bespoke and specially designed packaging with the receiver’s name and address printed on it as part of the design. A personalised note handwritten note with handwritten signature inside. Timeliness is essential. A follow-up call the day after delivery to enquire if the item was well received, met expectations and a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

  9. I send my items out neatly wrapped & personalised with my Company Sticker on packaging & include a 20% off Voucher and magnet to keep for future costume orders. I also send my items out the day orders are placed.

  10. Presentation- Packaging appropriately wether it be in a box with bubble wrap or crepe paper and ribbon but a must is always a personalised mini note saying thank you and you hope they enjoy.
    By using a printed label for the TO and FROM on the package helps give clear information that can be read without mistaking unreadable hand-writing; also provides a more professional feel.
    Time- Ensuring the package is sent in a timely order with a recommended courier/delivery service that is known for customer excellence and satisfaction. By spending a few extra dollars on tracking it will give you peace of mind of where the package is and can always inform the receiver of an ETA for package arrival.

  11. I send a fancy clean wrapping or box with a free gift a thank you note and a discount voucher for any future orders.
    I also leave a business card.
    Also i call back after a few days to check the customer is satisfied with the products.

  12. I will pack the parcel nice and clean, and stick with a big size of well designed and sharp colored address label, to make it eye catching and stay out from the crowd.

  13. We include an A4 glossy photo print out which includes a big thank you, pictures of the painting purchased being painted from beginning to completion and information about the artist that created it. Just a little personal touch that makes an original painting even more special.

  14. Bindi Salton says:

    i design jewelry and clothing… when sending jewelry i like to add a thank you note or small charm or gift…I also give discounts to regular customers… I am always looking for ways to increase my customers experience as a positive one…

  15. I like to write made and sent with love-because we live what we do and we live sharing it!

  16. Love even!

  17. Always a little hand written note showing I take the time to personally think about them and their order.

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