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We all know that introducing our children to books from a young age and getting into a good reading routine can make a real difference to their education and literacy in later life.

But what if your kids just don’t seem to enjoy books? What if they love football and building blocks, dolls and drawing far more than books?

There’s no need to worry!  They are more than likely making up exciting stories of their own, as all these ‘game playing’ activities encourage their imagination.  But it is still important to try and get into a reading ‘habit’ every day.

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time.  Even just getting them to sound out the words on a newspaper headline, or advertising poster can make a difference.  You can play games where you have to read the street signs, or food labels in the supermarket. Depending on the age of your kids you can just get them to recognise one word on a sign, or even the first letter of their name.

You could also try a ‘personalised’ book.  Is there any better encouragement to get kids reading than a book where they are the main character in the story?

Tracey ReganTracey from The Lemon Tree Book Company is passionate about getting kids to read from a variety of sources, but knows from experience just how much kids love to find out that they are the main character.

“It’s amazing to watch their faces when they realise that they really are in the story, especially when they first start to recognise their own names, and mum or dad can point out their name on each page.”

Personalised books are not a new concept and good quality products have been around for many years, but Lemon Tree books are slightly different.  “What we are offering is a fun, craft activity.  You actually make the book at home with the kids and they really feel that they have helped to make something special. The activity also involves colouring pages and stickers so it really is something different with plenty of interaction.”  These books are available for just $11 including postage,  with a special 2-book Christmas pack for $20.

And if your kids prefer ‘screen time’, you can also encourage reading on your iPad or Tablet.  Our mobile devices have huge libraries of fantastic stories at our fingertips.  It’s still important to have a mix of both digital books and physical books, but it’s good for the kids to learn that our digitial interaction doesn’t have to be constant game-playing.  They can be used for quiet time too!


Lemon Tree – interactive books for kids is available FREE from the appstore for your iPad.  You can find it on  iTunes at :   https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/lemon-tree-interactive-books/id585288841?mt=8

Or check out the website : lemontreebookco.com/

Find us on Facebook : facebook.com/lemontreebookco

Twitter :   twitter.com/LemonTreeBooks


  1. Great ideas Tracey. I absolutely agree. Reading with your children is one of the most valuable activities you can do together. Including a story book in your bed time routine can encourage interest in books ,it is time spent together and reading can also be a great way to calm your little one before bed.

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