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Safe Sleep Space

Safe Sleep Space offers early parenting information, support and guidance to families and professionals on the subject of baby and childhood sleep. Known for their informed, gentle, sensible and effective approach, the Safe Sleep Space team has assisted families in Australia and around the world. Safe Sleep Space philosophy is to better the experience for families in the early childhood years by offering accurate and research informed approaches to baby and childhood sleep transition. By focusing on normal baby behaviour, abilities and mental health and well being, the Safe Sleep Space ensures all needs of the individual needs of all family members are considered.

Safe Sleep Space supports families in helping babies and toddlers find sleep WITHOUT using extinction techniques used in controlled crying, modified controlled comforting and other time based behavioural interventions.

Helen photo newOur Approach…

The Safe Sleep Space approach has been sought after by thousands of families and professionals over the past 8 years because the focus is on infant and family mental health and wellbeing. The team at Safe Sleep Space is concerned about the process as well as the outcome and focus on stress minimization at baby and toddler sleep time

The demand for knowledge surrounding the Safe Sleep Space approach is reflected in the demand for Directors Helen Stevens (Author of Safe Sleep Space) and Cindy Davenport to appear on; The Project Channel 10, The Herald Sun, The Today Show, ABC 774 podcasts, Channel 9 news as a ‘sleep specialist’. Safe Sleep Space has been responding to the growing need from professionals and families across Australia, for this cue-based approach to childhood sleep..

Safe Sleep Space has a trained, experienced health professional team who are qualified to support families with a range of early parenting concerns, namely:
- infant and toddler sleep
- feeding struggles
- maternal adjustment
- irritable infants and a range of early childhood matters.

Our products and services…

The services and resources Safe Sleep Space offer are underpinned by research and understanding the importance of the uniqueness of every infant, toddler and parent; and offer support reflective of those considerations. This gentle approach sits well with parents because it promotes parental understanding and respect for the infant or toddlers experience and communication, and encourages parents to comfort their children through a change process.

Toddler DVD (front cover)

Safe Sleep Space Resources & Services include:-

ü  Infant DVD – step by step guide for settling to sleep (birth – 1 Year)

ü  Toddler DVD – step by step guide for settling to sleep (1 – 3 yr old)

ü  Safe Sleep Space Books (birth – 3 years)

ü  An App (called RockaBub available on Itunes store)

ü  Calm Baby Kit

ü  Telephone Consultancy Service AUSTRALIA wide and around the world

ü  In Home Visiting program (Melbourne only but expanding soon!)

ü  Daystay Program (Melbourne only)


“I discovered the Safe Sleep Space method when I had my 3rd baby and I only wish I knew all this with my other two, it has been wonderful to be able to have my gut feelings reinforced by your book. Thank you is not a big enough word for how this changed our lives”

Beth (mother of 3)

RockaBub cover photo 2-1

See more at:

See more at www.safesleepspace.com.au or call us on 1300 775 337

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SafeSleepSpace

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